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Volunteer Job Sign Up

BCC Sharks uses the NWSC-wide standard of weekly meet attendance declaration (meet sign-up) and volunteer job sign-upThis can be confusing to new swim families so please read these instructions carefully.

The 2022 Family Participation Policy is here. Please review it carefully.

Volunteer Job Sign-Up (Opens at 7am the Saturday prior to the meet)

Volunteer job sign-up should be done on a weekly basis, and can be done at the same time you declare your swimmer's meet attendance. This should only take a few minutes of your time. We will send out weekly e-mails to remind you of the deadline to sign yourself (and your swimmer) up for the upcoming meet.

How Many Volunteer Shifts?

For the 2022 season, each family is required to fulfill at least seven (7) volunteer job shifts. The number of shifts required will depend on the number of swimmers registered and will be determined when registration ends. 

Information about the volunteer positions is here. If at any time you have questions about your volunteer position, please contact the Volunteer Director.

How to Sign Up for Volunteer Jobs

  1. Log In. At the top of every page of the Sharks site, you will see, "Already a member? Login." Click on that link to be brought to the login page, and log into your SwimTopia account. (You should have set up a SwimTopia account for your family when you registered your swimmer. If you did not set up a SwimTopia account, or do not remember your login credentials, go here). 
  2. Meets Page. Navigate to the Meets page, where you will see a schedule of Sharks meets. The current week's meet will have two green buttons next to it: one for Meet Entry and one for Job Signup. Click the "Job Signup" button.

  3. Make Job and Shift Selections. Click to select the job and shift you would like to work. If you allow your cursor to hover over a job position, a pop-up window will appear giving a short description of the position. You can select a job from the first and second shift if you desire. When you are finished, click "Save Assignments"

  4. View Your Selected Jobs and Shifts. You will be shown a confirmation of the jobs and shifts you have selected for the meet. You can click "Sign up for Jobs" button to make changes to your choices.

And that's it! You have selected your volunteer jobs and shifts. 

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