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    Volunteer Job Descriptions

    Each family is required to volunteer a minimum number of jobs throughout the swim season. The various jobs and a brief description of the duties involved are listed here. 

    WEEKLY POSITIONS: These positions require parents to sign up weekly during the regular meet sign up. ONE shift in any of these jobs counts as ONE volunteer shift fulfilled. 

    Timer – Assigned a lane and issued a wireless auto-start stopwatches. The Timer is responsible for manually stopping the stopwatch when the swimmer in their assigned lane touches the wall. This job requires standing throughout the shift, and feet will most likely get wet. 

    Runner – Delivers event sheets to timers, picks up sheets after they are complete and delivers them to the score table. Runners will also pick up disqualification slips from stroke judges and deliver them to the score table. Runners should have good tennis shoes that work well on slippery wet surfaces. 

    Ready Bench - Assist in lining up the swimmers for each event by heat and lane and get them to the starting blocks in the correct order and on time. This position requires standing during the full shift. 

    Tent Set-Up/Breakdown - People who volunteer for the first shift will set up swimmer tents in the morning prior to the arrival of swimmers at a swim meet. (This requires a 5 a.m. arrival on the morning of home meets and a 6 a.m. arrival for away meets.) Second shift volunteers will take down tents and assist in loading for transport back to the storage unit. You may be asked to assist in transporting tents to and from away meets. 

    Place Ribbons - Responsible for affixing stickers to the back of each place ribbon and filing in swimmer folders. The second shift position is required to stay about 30 minutes after the meet ends for the final stickers to be printed. 

    Floater – This person will fill in for volunteer shifts that are vacant, or fill in to give other volunteers a break. Sometimes, this volunteer will be assigned a job as needed at each meet and may not be assigned until just before the meet begins.

    Shark Shack Assistant – Assist the Shark Shack team selling merchandise during the meets. May require lifting and carrying tubs of merchandise. Help with set up in shift 1 and tear down in shift 2. 

    Hospitality (home meets only) – Provide waters to ready bench workers, timers, computer volunteers, and judges (home meet only). Make sure trashcans are emptied and check bathrooms for issues. 

    Heat Winner Ribbons (home meets only) - Responsible for handing out heat winner ribbons at the pool edge for swimmers winning their heat. This position is usually in full sun, and requires standing and walking. Volunteer should wear shoes that work well on slippery surfaces. 

    Traffic (home meets only) – Requires early arrival (about 5 a.m.). Traffic volunteers will put out cones and signs to direct traffic, and to block off parking along the street and in the BCC parking lot. The Traffic individuals will be directing ALL swim meet traffic to approved parking places. They will also be responsible for operating shuttle golf carts for swim families and guests to and from the pool area. Will be responsible for picking up and putting away signs at the end of the meet. You must have access to a golf cart to do this job. 

    PERMANENT POSITIONS: These positions are permanent positions and will be assigned prior to the start of the season. They are not jobs which require signup each week. These jobs are exempt positions and fulfill a family’s volunteer obligation. If you are interested in doing one of these jobs, please contact [email protected] prior to the first day of practice for that season. 

    1. Board Member - Parent volunteers elected at the annual meeting in July. To see a complete list of Board Positions, visit our website ( 

    2. Merchandise Team Member - Member of the team that runs the Shark Shack at all meets and team events. 

    3. Hospitality Team Member - Member of the team that assists with events such as meet the coaches, pep rallies, Friday snacks and fundraising events. 

    4. Announcer - Sets up the broadcast system, notifies the swimmers of the upcoming events, and announces first, second, and final call for events. 

    5. Starter - Notifies the swimmers of the distance and stroke; starts each heat with an electronic tone and is also the sole judge of false starts. Starters are required to attend a 2-hour Officials Clinic prior to the start of the season. 

    6. Stroke/Turn Judge - Determines if the swimmers are performing the strokes and turns correctly. Experience is helpful, but training is provided. Stroke/Turn Judges are required to attend a 2- hour Officials Clinic prior to the start of the season. This team will have a team leader who conducts the training and scheduling of judges throughout the season. 

    7. Tent Parent - Responsible for lining up swimmers for their events and escorting them to the ready bench on time. They also keep track of swimmers as they leave and enter the tent, and ensuring swimmers safety while in the tent. Tent Parents DO NOT leave the tent to “hunt down” a missing swimmer. It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure their swimmer is in the tent when it is time to line up. 

    8. Home Meet Setup/Breakdown - On Friday night before a home meet, volunteers will set up flags, lane lines, ready benches, tables, and audio equipment. On Saturday after the meet ends, volunteers will take down all equipment and put away in pool shed. 

    9. Tent Set Up/Breakdown Leads – Responsible for leading the team of tent set up and breakdown volunteers.

    10. Team Photographer - Responsible for taking photographs at team meets and events. This role will also create a slideshow for the end of season banquet. Photos must to adhere to photography policy. 

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