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Sharks Board and Other Contact Info

2023 Board of Directors

Director Position Name Contact
Board of Directors All  [email protected]
President Jolene Shriner [email protected]
Secretary Jen Braud [email protected]
Treasurer Dustin Pfluger [email protected]
Circuit Rep/
Meet Director
Mark Tater [email protected]
Computers Peter Bradford  [email protected]
Allie Arges [email protected]
Special Events

Nicole Giannetta

[email protected]
Richie Mendoza [email protected]
Jeff Coates [email protected]
Merchandise Sandra Bissett [email protected]
Tracia Lee [email protected]

2023 Other Team Contacts

Position Name Contact
Photos VACANT [email protected]

(Use this address to submit your photos of team events for possible inclusion in the slide show that will be featured at the end-of-season banquet.)

General Team Info Mark Tater [email protected]
Registration Tracia Lee [email protected]
Board Nominations Closed at this time [email protected]
Ribbons  Tracia Lee [email protected]
Timer Lead VACANT
Starter VACANT
Announcer VACANT
Judges Lead VACANT
Ready Bench Lead VACANT
Tent Setup/ Breakdown VACANT
Home Meet Prep VACANT
Hospitality Team VACANT
Shark Shack / Tshirt Team VACANT

Tent Parents
Lead Tent Parent N/A [email protected]
Boys 6 and Under N/A  
Boys 7 - 8 N/A
Boys 9 - 10 N/A  
Boys 11-12 N/A  
Girls 6 and Under N/A
Girls 7 - 8 N/A  
Girls 9 - 10 N/A  
Girls 11 - 12 N/A  
Teens 13 and Up N/A  

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