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2019 Swimmer Registration

Welcome to registration for the 2019 Sharks season! 

Please read the following BEFORE proceeding with registration:

1.  Swimmers should already have some basic swimming skills before joining the team. BCC Sharks is not a learn-to-swim program. Prior to the first day of practice (see website calendar for the evaluation dates), new swimmers to BCC Sharks will be evaluated on their swimming ability for placement in the appropriate practice group. Your swimmer must be able to swim 25 yards (one length of the pool) freestyle, unassisted. If your swimmer cannot, we recommend waiting until next season to join the team, or taking swim lessons prior to the final evaluation date before registering.  

2. Once you have registered, you will not receive a full refund at any point in the season. Our 2019 refund policy is stated on our website. Please read it carefully. 

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BCC Membership Number

If you are a member of the Balcones Country Club, please enter your BCC Membership Number (numbers will be verified). The $50 facility fee is waived for members only.

BCC Membership Acknowledgement (answer if applicable)

By initialing, you acknowledge that you are a member of Balcones Country Club (BCC) and the number you provided is accurate. 

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Non-BCC Member Facility Fee (answer if applicable)

Families who are NOT members of Balcones Country Club (BCC) are charged an additional $50 facility fee/swimmer to join the BCC Sharks Swim Team.  By acknowledging, you agree to this additional charge.

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Northwest Swim Circuit Code of Conduct

Northwest Swim Circuit Code of Conduct

The Northwest Swim Circuit (NWSC) was formed with the objective of helping young swimmers to develop physical fitness, selfdiscipline, self-confidence, proficiency in competitive swimming strokes, determination to do one's best, and good sportsmanship. The expectation of the Executive Board is that participants will exhibit the highest standards of sportsmanship at all times while participating in all NWSC and member club affiliated events. Every participant, including swimmers, coaches, officials, board members, parents and spectators, has a responsibility to behave in a respectable manner and to comply with and support the Code of Conduct.


Unsportsmanlike Conduct

While attending and/or participating in any NWSC or member club affiliated practice or event, no individual shall:

  • Use trash talk, profane, obscene or vulgar language, or gesture under any circumstances, on or off the pool area, or
  • Engage in an objectionable demonstration of dissent or unsportsmanlike conduct such as throwing equipment or any other forceful action.
  • Otherwise behave in an unsportsmanlike fashion, including engaging in or escalating arguments between any participants at the event

Refusal to Abide by Officials

While attending and/or participating in any NWSC or member club affiliated practice or event, no individual shall refuse to abide by an
official's decision.

Violent Physical Behavior

While attending and/or participating in any NWSC or member club affiliated practice or event, no individual shall:

  • At any time strike, shove, threaten to strike or lay a hand upon an official, swimmer, coach or spectator.
  • Engage in an abusive, verbal attack upon any official, swimmer, coach or spectator on or off the pool area.


Unsportsmanlike behavior falling under the Behavioral Guidelines shall be immediately reported to the Home Meet Director, or other Enforcement Authority, by anyone involved in or observing such behavior. Retaliatory or escalating behavior shall be viewed as unsportsmanlike conduct and a failure to comply with this code of conduct.


Penalty for Unsportsmanlike Conduct or Refusal to Abide

Any Unsportsmanlike Conduct or Refusal to Abide violation of the above policy will result in the following action at the discretion of the Meet Director or recognized Enforcement Authority:

  • First Offense – Warning to violator from the Meet Director, or Enforcement Authority
  • Second Offense – Additional Warning to or Ejection of the violator(s) from the meet/event by the Meet Director, or Enforcement Authority, at the discretion of that Enforcement Authority
  • Third Offense – Ejection of the violator from the event by the Meet Director, or Enforcement Authority

Penalty for Violent Physical Behavior

Any Violent Physical Behavior violation of the above policy shall result in the ejection of the person(s) from the meet/event by the Meet Director or other Enforcement Authority.


Violations of NWSC Code of Conduct will be subject to review by the NWSC Board under the investigative authority of the Vice-President of the NWSC, and may result in seasonal or permanent ban of the violator and/or family from the Northwest Swim Circuit.

*All violations shall be reported in writing to the Vice President of the NWSC Executive Board either by Meet Director, or Enforcement Authority, through their NWSC Representative via electronic or traditional mail within 72 hours of the infraction.

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Communication Policy

Distribution of Team Information 

The BCC Sharks Board communicates through various means. General information about the team is posted on the website at Lengthy detailed team information is sent via email. Texting applications such as Twitter and Remind are used to communicate information in real time such as practice changes, event reminders and other pertinent announcements. Facebook is used to promote team activities and sponsors as well as reminders and announcements. By providing your email address, you agree to accept communication through that email account. If you chose to unsubscribe from that communication you will no longer receive important detailed team information. Twitter, Remind and Facebook are voluntary applications that YOU MUST SUBSCRIBE TO in order to receive information via those channels. Instructions on how to subscribe to those are located on the website. If you choose not to subscribe to them then you will not receive important team information as described above. If you do not have access to a computer or cell phone, please let us know so we can be sure and keep you updated with other forms of communication. If at any time swimmer or family information changes (i.e. e-mail, address, phone numbers, address, medical), please notify the team by sending an e-mail message to: [email protected] While the summer swim season is in effect (May through July), it is especially important to check your e-mail and social media applications frequently. 

Photo Publication 

We frequently post photos from the swim meets and other team-related activities to our website and Facebook. If you wish to have your child's photograph excluded from any team publication, please send a request to [email protected]

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Family Participation Policy

The sport of swimming is unique due to the amount of volunteer hours required to successfully run a team. On all summer league teams, the parents of the swimmers perform these volunteer duties. A typical "volunteer shift" includes the first, or second half of a swim meet, although some volunteer shifts can be performed before or after the meet, and for some meets, the meet may be broken into three shifts.

The number of required volunteer shifts varies based on the number of families and the number of meets. Historically, the number of required volunteer shifts has been a minimum of 7 shifts per family per season. The number of required shifts must be fulfilled regardless of whether or not the swimmer participates in meets. The number of required shifts excludes the Blue & White and Invitational Meets. (If your swimmer is participating in the Blue & White and/or Invitational meet, you may be asked to volunteer at one of those meets in addition to your number of required shifts.) In addition, All families with swimmers attending the divisional swim meet will be required to fulfill at least 1 volunteer slot at this meet due to the large number of volunteer slots required.

Failure of a parent to perform their required shifts causes numerous problems for the team, the other parents, the coaches and ultimately the swimmers. Please note that by registering your child with the BCC Sharks you as a parent are making a firm commitment to fulfill the required number of volunteer shifts for the season.

A family with 0 volunteer shifts by the sign up period for the third dual meet will not be eligible to attend swim practice nor swim at the fourth meet until the family has signed up for at least two volunteer shifts for that meet.

If all required shifts are not fulfilled by season end, your family will not be granted returning swimmer status, nor will you be eligible for new swimmer registration the next swim season. (Bylaws Article III, Section F)

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Refund Policy

Due to pre-season administrative costs incurred by the team such as swimmer insurance, BCC facility fees, evaluation fees, etc. we do not offer a full refund on any registrations.

The refund schedule is as follows:

Cancellation prior to the first day of practice (see season calendar for exact date): Full refund less $25 administrative fee per swimmer.

Cancellation on the first day of practice (see season calendar for exact date) through the final day of the second week of practice (see calendar for exact date): $75 refund per swimmer.

Cancellation after the final day of the second week of practice: NO refund.

It is strongly advised that if you feel your swimmer may not meet the swimming proficiency requirement that you wait to register them for the team until after they have successfully completed the swimming evaluation. We will not offer full refunds for cancelled registrations (see above).

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DESCRIPTION OF ACTIVITY: Participation on the swim team at Balcones Country Club 

In consideration for the above-named member, guest, minor or other entity or person (collectively “Participant”) being allowed to participate in the above-described activity (“Activity”) at Balcones Country Club (the “Club”), the undersigned agrees as follows: 

1. I am fully aware of the risks and hazards connected with the Activity, including damage to or loss of personal property, and bodily injury or personal harm including, but not limited to, death. 

2. I KNOWINGLY AND FREELY ASSUME ALL SUCH RISKS, both known and unknown, without limitation. I agree I will assume full responsibility for my participation and for my property. 

3. I agree that I will comply with any and all rules, regulations or instructions that may be provided to me regarding participation in the Activity. If, however, I observe any unusual significant hazard during my presence or participation, I will remove myself from participation and bring such knowledge to the attention of the Club or the swim instructors immediately. 

4. I hereby accept all risks that may result from participation in the Activity and I HEREBY RELEASE Balcones Country Club Swim Team, Balcones Club Management, LP, Balcones Country Club Management Association, Inc., and each of their respective parent, affiliated or subsidiary entities, and all their respective officers, directors, agents, contractors, employees, heirs, and successors (“Released Parties”) from any and all liability to me, my personal representatives, estate, heirs, next of kin, successors and assigns, for any and all claims and causes of action for loss of or damage to my property or person, WHETHER CAUSED BY NEGLIGENCE OF ANY OF THE RELEASED PARTIES OR OTHERWISE. I further agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Released Parties from liability for any loss or damage to any other person that may result from my negligent or intentional act or omission while participating in the described Activity. 

FOR PARENTS/GUARDIANS OF MNOR PARTICIPANTS - (UNDER AGE 18 AT TIME OF REGISTRATION) This is to certify that I, as parent/guardian with legal responsibility for the minor Participant named above, do consent and agree on his/her behalf to all of the foregoing conditions to participation and to the release as provided above of all the Released Parties, and, for myself, my child and our heirs, assigns, and next of kin, I release and agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Released Parties from any and all liabilities incident to my minor child's involvement or participation in the Activity, including, without limitation, any claims that minor child may make against the Released Parties and any claims that I may have as a result of any injury to my minor child, EVEN IF ARISING FROM THE NEGLIGENCE OF THE RELEASED PARTIES, to the fullest extent permitted by law. 

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