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Covid Policies and Protocols

Balcones Sharks Covid Protocols


  • Distribution and record of receipt
    • All swimmers must sign a Covid agreement at the time of registration.

Cancellation Policy

  • Season cancellation
    • What is our policy?
      • If the season is cancelled due to the city of Austin, Travis county or state of Texas mandates, we will issue a prorated refund on a weekly basis. Sharks season starts May 3 and continues for 10 weeks. Any other jurisdictions do not apply to the BCC Sharks i.e. Round Rock, Williamson County, etc.
        • This will be the only allowed reason for any refunds given.
  • Swimmer / parent choice of cancellation
    • What if a swimmer gets Covid during the season and wants to discontinue?
      • If a swimmer has tested positive, then the swimmer is not allowed at practice 10 days from the onset of symptoms
      • There will be no refunds if the family decides to no longer continue with Sharks due to a Covid quarantine or exposure.
    • What if the parent tests positive or the swimmer is in “close contact” with a positive Covid individual?
      • If a parent tests positive, then the parent is not allowed on the premises outside of their vehicle to pick up or drop off. The swimmer of the positive parent may not attend practice for 7 days from the parents positive test.
      • There will be no refunds if the family decides to no longer continue with Sharks due to a Covid quarantine or exposure.
  • Practices

    • Mask policy
      • Masks are required on arriving and leaving. The only time swimmers may remove their mask is while in the pool. All dryland activities will be conducted WITH a mask.
    • Group sizes
      • Each practice group will be limited to 32 swimmers to allow for strict social-distancing measures.
      • 16 in the pool and 16 for dryland activities
      • Pre-practice waiting zones will be designated by ground markers for swimmers to remain in place.
    • Symptoms check
      • All swimmers will have their temperatures checked each day prior to entry into the pool. Anyone with a higher than 99 degree temperature will be asked not to participate in practice.
      • A daily list will be swimmers will be recorded for the purposes of contact tracing.
    • Kickboards / equipment usage
      • Equipment sharing will not be allowed during the season. Parents are encouraged to label your child's equipment: goggles, fins, kickboard, cap and towel.
    • Parents
      • Parents will be asked to remain outside of the gates and to practice social distancing while observing.
      • Masks must be worn at all times while on Balcones premises. No exceptions.
    • Swimmers in lanes
      • The maximum number of swimmers allowed in a lane at a time will be four.
      • Never will be there two swimmers on the wall at any given time.
      • If two swimmers are on either side of the wall, the other two will be on deck, 6’ away.
    • Cheers
      • At this time, we will not be performing or allowing any group cheers.
    • Timing to allow for group transitions
      • Practices will have a 15-minute buffer between them to allow for social distancing during arrival and departure
    • Swimmers violation policy


    • Mask policy
      • Masks are required on arriving and leaving. The only time swimmers may remove their masks is while in the pool.
      • Swimmers will wear their mask until they are on the block. A ‘drop’ zone will be labeled for them to leave their mask and towel. Upon exiting their race, they will circle back to the blocks to pick up and reapply their mask from behind the blocks.
      • All other guests / attendees must wear a mask at all times. No exceptions.
    • Symptoms check
      • All swimmers will have their temperatures checked each day prior to entry into the pool. Anyone with a 99 degree or higher will be asked to NOT participate in practice.
    • Parents spectating
      • Parents will wear a mask at all times unless they are in their car.
      • Parents will be asked to enter into the swim area nearest the parking lot to watch their child and then exit the fenced area near the cart barn by the wooden fence after their swimmer has finished.
      • Parents are not allowed to remove their mask to cheer for their swimmer.
    • How will they be held?
      • All BCC Sharks will be held at BCC Country Club and conducted in a "virtual" manner against an opposing teams. Only BCC Sharks will be in attendance at the club!
        • Our meet data/times will be merged and event winners will be posted at the end of the day.
        • This will however provide a great experience for Sharks to always swim against kids they know and have fun!
      • All of our meets will also be live-streamed on YouTube for those who wish to watch but cannot attend. 
    • Tents
      • Parents will be asked to set up tents at least 6’ from each other.
      • Tents will be allowed inside the gates in designated areas as well as in the parking lot and grassy area.
    • Eating / Drinking
      • Swimmers and parents are allowed to remove their masks temporarily to either eat or drink but are asked to put their masks back on once they are done.
    • Judges / Volunteers
      • All judges and volunteers will be required to wear masks at all times.
      • If possible, each pair of lane timers will be from the same family.
    • Coaches
      • Coaches will be required to wear a mask at all times.
    • Ready bench
      • Swimmers will be spaced two per bench.
    • Meet flow
      • Diagram pending
      • Meet entry will have a flow -- meaning kids and parents will move in and out of the area so as to create no cross traffic. There will be ONE entrance, and everyone will be asked to go out the ONE exit, regardless of purpose.
    • Swimmer tents / gatherings
      • There will not be ANY swimmer tents.
      • Swimmers are encouraged to stay with their families during the meet.
    • Bathroom use
      • Bathrooms will be limited to 3 persons at any given time.
    • Hand sanitizer stations
      • Will be provided at the entrance, bathrooms and exit areas of the pool.
    • Monitoring
      • We will have volunteers monitoring traffic flow as well as ensuring all members are wearing masks.
    • Violation policy
      • Repeat offenders or members who challenge the rules will be asked to leave the current practice or meet. Arguing with the volunteers or staff will not be tolerated. Aggressive behavior towards any swimmer, swimmer’s family, volunteer, coach or board member will result in immediate expulsion from the team without refund.

    Sickness or positive test

    • Notification if feeling ill or tested positive
      • All notifications will be collected using a Google Form that coaching staff can access.
      • Contact-tracing information will be greatly appreciated in this form to help inform those who might have come in close contact. Private information will not be shared. 
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