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2023 Practice Schedule

Dates and practices times TBD

We are still working out the details (dates, times, locations) for swim practice, so please stay tuned!

After-school practice usually starts in late April or early May. 

Summer practice starts after school ends for the year and continues to the Divisional Meet (7/8/2023). Swimmers attending the Invitational Meet will have practice until the Invitational Meet (7/9/2023). Summer morning practices take place between 8:00am and 12:00pm. Summer evening practices take place between 5:30pm and 8:00pm. 

Practice dates, times, and locations will depend on your swimmer's practice groups. The team has seven practice groups: Great White, Hammerhead, Tiger, Thresher, Whale, Bull, and Megalodon.

The coaches will place each swimmer in a practice group according to ability (not age). New swimmers must attend an evaluation. See team schedule for evaluation dates, times, and location. Practice groups will be announced the week before after-school practice starts.

Returning Sharks will report to their practice group from 2022.

The last day for after-school practice is TBD.

The summer schedule begins on TBD.

** Evening practice is on a limited basis. Evening practice is intended for parents who work and cannot bring their swimmers to morning practices. Only those who have previously requested evening practice and have been assigned an evening practice on Swimtopia may attend evening practice. Swimmers are not allowed to switch between groups without prior permission. **

The Sharks uses Swimtopia's mobile app to send practice updates and cancellation alerts so be sure to download the app and allow notifications! Learn more.

In addition to getting the Swimtopia app on your mobile devices and allowing notifications, PLEASE check your emails on a regular basis so that you don't miss important information from us. Communications are also posted here:

Summer Mornings Schedule: (TBD - TBD):

Spicewood Pool


Balcones Pool


Summer Evening Schedule: (TBD - TBD):

Spicewood Pool


Your swimmer will need these items for practice:

1. Swimsuit

2. Goggles

3. Swim fins

4. Swim cap preferred for short hair, required for hair longer than 2 inches. It's important to keep hair out of swimmers' eyes.

Kickboards will be provided at the practices so no need to have your own.

Please note the rules about the practices. These rules are to help the practices run smoothly, especially for the younger swimmer groups:

1. Parents, please remain outside the gate and pool area at all times. Only swimmers, coaches, board members, and staff are allowed inside the gate.

2. Swimmers need to be ready to swim before they enter the gate. Please put on goggles and caps, sunscreen, and whatever you want to put on your swimmer before they enter the pool area. Swimmers can bring their bags inside the pool area but keep them close to the fence, away from the immediate pool area, so that coaches, board members, swimmers, and staff have space to walk around the pool.

3. Please stay outside the pool area until your swim group is called to enter. We need to give the earlier group time to leave the pool area before another group enters.

4. Please encourage your swimmers to be good listeners so they can learn what the coaches have to teach them.

5. We do not take attendance at practice, so you do not need to notify us if your swimmer is going to miss a practice.

6. A FAQ I have received is whether swimmers can wear rash guards to practice -- yes, they can.

7. The coaches may switch swimmers to different groups as practice progresses.

8. As the weather gets hotter and hotter, please provide a full water bottle for your swimmer and use sunscreen.

9. Please have your swimmers use the restroom before going to practice.

Inclement Weather Practice Cancellation Guidelines:

Here are some guidelines Sharks coaches will use when determining whether or not to cancel practice:

  • If there is thunder and/or lightning, practice definitely will be cancelled.
  • Practice will not be cancelled due to rain alone; we will swim in the rain unless the amount of rain makes it difficult to see the swimmers in the pool.
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